Personal History

Irvin Modlin was born in Oudtshoorn, South Africa. He was educated in Cape Town, South Africa, Dublin, Ireland, and Leeds and London, England. He received an MB, ChB magna cum laude from the University of Cape Town in 1968 and was awarded Gold Medals for Surgery in 1975 by both the South African College of Surgeons and the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

He subsequently studied gastrointestinal surgery, endocrine surgery, and endoscopy at the Royal Postgraduate Medical School, Hammersmith Hospital, London, England (1975-77). Thereafter, he investigated gut physiology at the Center for Ulcer Research Education at UCLA (1977-79) before moving to SUNY, New York (1980-83). In 1984, he was appointed Chief of Surgery at the West Haven VA Medical Center and Vice Chairman of the Department of Surgery at Yale University School of Medicine. In 2004, he lectured on the influence of Edinburgh on American Surgery (at the Royal College of Surgeons), and on the molecular genetics of carcinoid neoplasia and fibrosis (European Neuroendocrine Tumor Society and the British Society of Surgical Oncology), while in 2005, lectures on the molecular genetics of gastric neoplasia (Yokohama) was followed by the Mikulicz-Radecki Medal and an oration on this surgeon and his contributions to treating gastric disease.

He is currently Professor of Surgery and Director of the Gastric Pathobiology Research Group at the Yale University School of Medicine.

In 1987, he was awarded an MA (Hon. Causa) in literature by Yale University. In 1989, he was awarded a PhD in physiology from the University of Cape Town and in 2005, a D.Sc. from this institution. In 1991, the University of Gothenberg, Sweden awarded him an MD (Hon. Causa).

Dr Modlin has delivered the Eisenberg Memorial lecture (Brigham and Women’s Hospital, 1993), the I. N. Marks lecture (Johannesburg, 1994), the Jena Poyla Memorial Lecture (Semmelweis University, Budapest, 1995), the Arris and Gale lecture (Royal Postgraduate Medical School, 1995), and the Theodor Kocher Oration (Bern, 1996). In 1997, the Royal College of Surgeons of England awarded Dr Modlin a Hunterian Professorship, and in 1998 a Fellowship. In 1999, he delivered the Bayliss and Starling Memorial Lecture at Queen’s University, Belfast, and in 2000 a Centenary Oration at the Japanese Surgical Society. In 2001 he presented a talk at the Nordic Endocrine Society Meeting, Iceland, and in 2002 the James IV Oration was delivered in Edinburgh, talks on stem cells (Japan Ulcer Research) and on integrated digestive surgery. In 2003, Dr Modlin delivered the Per Dubb Oration at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, as well as endoscopic talks to the Royal Society of Medicine (London, England) and on GERD to the German Endoscopic Society as well as at the UEGW (Madrid, Spain).

Current research interests include the elucidation of the growth factor mediated transformation process of the enterochromaffin-like cell (ECL) and the development of intravenous receptor targeted isotopic neuroendocrine tumor irradiation. His recent books include: “Laparoscopic Surgery,” “From Prout to the Proton Pump,” “Acid Related Disease: Biology and Treatment,” “The History of Endoscopy,” “The Logic of Omeprazole,” “The History of Gastroenterology,” and “The Evolution of Therapy in Gastroenterology.” He has also written a series of medical travel and historical books on Rome (“From Galen to Glory”), Vienna (“From Billroth to Boas”), New Orleans (“Medicine on the Mississippi”), and Washingtonian medicine (“Medical Milestones on the Potomac”).

Dr Modlin’s initial interest in the gastrointestinal tract was stimulated by his fascination with the process of malo-lactic fermentation. His focus on endoscopy was prompted by an early paternal exposure to the art of cystoscopy. His subsequent involvement in the art and science of oenology and gastronomy amplified his focus on visceral matters and pepsis. Cognizant of Billroth’s admonition that “Only an individual familiar with the arts and science of the past is competent to define its progress in the future,” he has sought to interface a knowledge of current surgery and science with the lessons of antiquity. As an ardent member of the Beaumont, Prout, and Athenaeum Clubs, his interest in the historical and scientific aspects of medicine spans the Atlantic and its bordering continents.


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I. Research Activities

II. Presentations

III. All Publications (N = 506)

A. Clinical (N = 153)

B. Research (N = 225)

C. Historical Articles (N = 40)

D. Books (N = 17)

E. Book Chapters (N = 59)

F. Miscellaneous (N = 12)


Research Activities And Interests

a) Scientific Research

Current research responsibility is as Director of the Gastric Pathobiology Research Group. This is a twenty to twenty-five member group variously studying pancreatic, gastric, ileal and colonic endocrine and biochemical phenomena in the gastrointestinal system. Persons involved are surgeons, PhDs, surgical residents, technicians and visiting scientists from different countries and institutions. The overall specific research areas are in brief as follows:


Isolated pancreatic acini are utilized to provide a model for the study of intracellular zymogen activation. The methodology utilizes western blot techniques to identify active fragments. Immunogold electron microscopy is used to identify colocalization of enzymes in subcellular compartments.

Pepsinogen Secretion:

Isolated peptic cells are generated using elutriation centrifugation and nycodenz gradient systems. The mechanisms of exocytosis are studied with particular reference to identification of small GTP binding protein families and intracellular calcium flux. Characterization of CCK and gastrin type receptors is undertaken using peptide fragments and antagonists.

Parietal Cells:

Isolated parietal cells are studied with a view to identification of the subcellular mechanisms of secretion. This involves structural studies using confocal microscopy and biochemical cross-referencing using two dimensional gel separation of phosphorylated proteins. Specific identification of EGF and TGFa subcellular localization is the current primary goal.

Mastomys ECL Cells:

The histogenesis of the ECLoma tumor has been studied using cell culture and nude mice transfer. Western and northern blotting are used to demonstrate oncogene amplification. Secretion of tumor peptides and amines is assessed by HPLC and RIA methodology.

Intracellular pH Regulation:

The control of pH by specific related ion pumps is evaluated using isolated perfused gastric glands. This methodology involves fluorescent spectrophotometry and video enhanced isolated cell imagery. Calibration curves using Nigericin and cell loading with BCECF are components of the system.


b) Clinical Investigations

1. Minimally invasive surgery

2. Carcinoid tumors

3. Pancreatitis and neuroendocrine tumors of the pancreas

4. Peptic ulcer disease


c) Research Funding


Grant Title




I.M. Modlin

Secretagogue Regulation of Protein Phosphorylation in Parietal Cells





J.R. Goldenring

(IMM Co-Invest.)

Cyclic AMP-Dependent Mediation of Parietal Cell Function





I.M. Modlin

Pathophysiology of an Endocrine Tumor - A Peptic Ulcer Model





G. Ballantyne

(IMM Co-Invest.)

Release of Peptide Tyrosine and Enteroglucagon from the colon





M. Basson

(IMM Co-Invest.)

Growth Factor - Matrix Interaction in the Regulation of Enterocyte Migration

Yale Univ.




L. Tang

(IMM Co-Invest.)

Characterization of a Tubulovesicle-Associated 23 kDa GTP-Binding Protein from Rabbit Parietal Cell

Yale Univ.




M. Basson

(IMM Co-Invest.)

Control mechanisms for mammlian pepsinogen secretion






R. Powers

(IMM Co-Invest.)

Altered acinar cell function during acute pancreatitis





I.M. Modlin


Research Training in Surgical Gastroenterology





F. Gorelick

(IMM Co-Invest.)

Intracellular Activation of Pancreatic Zymogens






C. Soroka

(IMM Co-invest.)

The cultured parietal cell: a model for membrane-cytoskeletal interactions





S. Waisbren

(IMM Co-Invest.)

Intracellular pH regulation in perfused gastric glands





I.M. Modlin


Pathophysiology of an Endocrine Tumor – Gastric ECLoma Model





J. Murren

(IMM Co-Invest)

Isotopic Therapy of SST expressing Neuroendocrine Tumors





I.M. Modlin

Molecular Strategies for Gastric Carcinoid Surgery





I.M. Modlin

Determination of the naïve human EC cell transcriptome and identification of neoplastic genes in a novel small intestinal carcinoid cell line

Yale Univ



I.M. Modlin

(Mark Kidd Co-Invest)

Molecular strategies to preemptively define gastrointestinal carcinoid surgery





Selected Presentation List


  • “Biology of the Enterochromaffin cell”: Trondheim University, Norway.
  • “Evolution of Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Surgery”: Greek Surgical Society, Thessalonika.
  • “Management of GERD”: Hyderabad , India.

·        “Somatostatin Radiopeptide Therapy”: American Society of Clinical Oncology, Atlanta Georgia.

·        “The Evolution of Acid Suppression”: Jan Mikulicz Memorial Meeting, Wroclaw, Poland.


·        “Molecular Genetics of Gastric Neoplasia”: Yokohama, Japan.


·        “The Influence of Edinburgh on the founding of American Medical Schools”: American College of Surgeons/Royale College of Surgeons (Edinburgh).

·        “The Biology of Carcinoid Disease”: European Neuroendocrine Tumor Society, London.

·        “The Molecular basis of Carcinoid Fibrosis”: British Society of Surgical Oncology, London.

·        “Evolution of GI disease management”: American College of Gastroenterology, Orlando.


·        “The Molecular Basis of the ECL cell”: Per Dubb Oration, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

·        Current Status of GERD management. German Endoscopic society, Hamburg.

·        “The Evolution of Esophageal Therapy”: United European Gastroenterology Weekly, Madrid, Spain.

·        “From the Mucosa to the Serosa”: Digestive Disease Weekly, Orlando.

·        “From the Macula to the Mucosa” Royal Society of Medicine, London.

·        Evolution of Pancreatic Therapy” Dartmouth Grand Rounds - Surgery


·        Invited speaker, “Cancer of Esophagus and Gastric Cardia: From Gene to Cure,” Amsterdam, the Netherlands

·        Invited speaker, “Perspectives and reflections on integrated digestive surgery,” The Future of Gastro-Entero-Hepato-Pancreatology is Bright, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

·        Invited speaker, “Amsterdam and Netherlands Gastroenterology: a historical perspective,” The Future of Gastro-Entero-Hepato-Pancreatology is Bright, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

·        Invited speaker, “Stem cells and mucosal dynamics: Regulation, repair and neoplasia,” Japanese Society of Ulcer Research

·        Keynote address, Indian Hepatobiliary Society, “Surgery of chronic pancreatitis”

·        James IV Oration, Edinburgh, “Molecular strategies and 111In-labeled somatostatin analogs in defining the management of neuroendocrine tumor disease: A new paradigm for surgical management”

·        External Surgical Assessor, University of Oman


·        “Gastric Carcinoid Molecular Biology,” Nordic Endocrine Society Meeting, Iceland

·        Controversies, Problems, and Techniques in Surgery Symposium

·        Invited Speaker International Pancreatic Meeting, Heidelberg “The surgery of chronic pancreatitis—A chronicle of confusion and despair?”


  • Invited Speaker: “From k-Ras to Kagoshima,” 100-yearAnniversary of the Japanese Surgical Society: Tokyo
  • The Eastern Surgical Society: “Beyond Wittgenstein,” New Haven
  • International Chronic Pancreatitis Symposium, Bern: “The Evolution of Chronic Pancreatitis”
  • International Esophageal Meeting, Paris: “The Molecular and Historic Basis of Barrett’s Esophagus”
  • International Helicobacter pylori Meeting, Bermuda: “From the Pump to the Helix”


·                                The Beaumont Lecture

·                                John Callum Memorial Oration


  • Royal College of Surgeons of England, Hunterian Professorship
  • Invited Speaker: The F. Troncale Memorial Lecture. “gerd”, New Haven
  • Invited Speaker: The Dutch Gastro Society: “The Golden Age of Dutch Medicine,” Veldhoven, Holland
  • Invited Speaker: British Society of Surgery, “Carcinoid Biology and Surgery,” Belfast.
  • Invited Speaker: Brown University, RI: “The Gordian Conundrum”



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